The Simple Two Step Guide To Financial Freedom
Written by Cale McMartin on May. 17th 2019
As humans we have a funny way of making things more complicated than they need to be. Everyone on this planet wants to increase their wealth. If they say they don’t or they don’t care about money, I guarantee they’re lying. The next time someone say’s they don’t care about money tell them to tell their boss tomorrow to stop paying them and that they will work for free. That’s what I thought. 

So now that we know everyone on this planet has a desire to increase their wealth. It might me to travel more, buy material objects, or to have so much money they never have to work again. How do we actually do this? 

While I can’t tell you the “how” as this is different for everyone. There’s a million ways to make million dollars. I can tell you the utterly simple formula that everyone seems to forget. 

To increase wealth one must 1) increase their income and/or 2) decrease their expenses. Income - expenses = profit. This is the most important and commonly used equations in accounting and one that we can use in our personal lives as well. Another way to use this would be to take everything we have spent money on in our lives and subtract that to everything we have made in our live. This will be our net worth. It could be in the form of cash or it could be in the form of property, stocks, material objects, etc. Preferably we will be doing both, cutting our expenses and increasing our income. While I am extremely frugal, there is only so much one can save and I don’t exactly want to live like a monk or be homeless. 

So once we cut our expenses to a reasonable level without sacrificing the quality of our life, the next step is to increase our income. Everyone wants to know how can I make more and how can I get rich!?

This too can be boiled down to an incredibly simple formula. 

Value given = value received 

Want to get rich? Focus on providing as much value to others as possible. Think of anyone that is wealthy and think of how they acquired that wealth. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos. Think of how much value they have provided to millions of people with the products they have created. Think of any advancement in technology or medicine that has improved the quality of life for millions of people. When we create value in the form of products or services we receive value in the form of money. Money is the medium of exchange for value. 

So many people are so focused on taking and making more and more money at any cost without looking at the other side of the equation. Instead of focusing on taking. Focus on giving and giving value to others. This is a universal law and one that will always be around. When you make this mental shift your life will change. 

Cale McMartin

Cale McMartin helps people become profitable traders.  He is an expert at helping people generate consistently profitable trades and making things super simple to understand.
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